Our Rolex History

Our Rolex History

In 1940’s a new lifestyle is changing people preferences. Requests start to be different and the upcoming taste is visible on people’s wrist.

In 1946 Pisa presents Rolex. Times must be anticipated. Customers’ new needs request an efficient, modern and quality watch. People start traveling for business and for leisure with their families, they practice sport and dress more informally. This new scenario leads customers to request a precise and resistant watch, larger in size and more adapt to an active lifestyle without renouncing to aesthetics and personality.

Ugo Pisa receives several requests:”Mr. Pisa, this small and ultrathin watches are very delicate. When I travel I am afraid to ruin them. They are elegant, but sometimes hard to read. Do you have anything new?”

Rolex customers are men and women who waited for the evolution of watches and they endorse this new trend, aware of their new needs and looking to the future.

Our Rolex History

On May 21st 2008, the Rolex Boutique opens in Via Montenapoleone 24. It’s the first in Europe and this underlines even more the consolidated trust between Pisa and the Swiss Brand. The Boutique develops on three floors and reflects the modernity and precision common to both Companies. An elegant space, in harmony with the Brand’s values, where is possible to admire the complete range of Rolex models. At the second floor is located the Laboratory, a technology and know-how jewel, open to clients for them to inquire about any aspect of their watch.

A panoramic glass elevator links the different levels: in the background a vertical garden, designed by French artist Patrick Blanc with thousands of vegetal species.

More than half a century passed from when Ugo Pisa proposed Rolex for the first time in his shop, and ten years after the opening of the Boutique in via Montenapoleone, its success is enclosed in its simple and essential shape,  expression of a long term view always aimed at perfection.