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Certified Diamonds

Time and passion, as underlying elements of rare beauty, led Pisa Orologeria to add a line of jewels made with precious diamonds alongside its wide range of watches.


Diamonds that illuminate the beauty of every woman, identifying themselves with her, to enhance and sublimate her.


Pisa Orologeria, located in Milan’s downtown district, offers the best diamonds available on the market, which create pieces of immense value. Priceless.


First and foremost, the purity of diamonds

Our strength is the field knowledge we leverage to understand the purity of diamonds and products, and our ability to showcase them to our customers, guiding them in their choices. We select only the best diamonds the market can offer, just as we do for watches.

At the core, there is a long process of research, continuous improvement and sales experience honed over the years.


These elements are our added value, which has always distinguished the service offered at Pisa Orologeria. 


The purity of diamonds is also necessary to evaluate and classify them.


Diamond grading service

In addition to finding beautiful jewels, dedicated to women and their needs for refinement and elegance, Pisa Orologeria offers a careful and expert diamond classification service. To classify these exceptional stones, we take 4 essential factors into consideration: colour, purity, carat and cut.

Our goal is to understand and meet the needs of our customers, steering them towards the right choice.

To meet customers’ needs, we have selected jewels with deliberately minimalist frames, in order to enhance what makes them truly precious: the gem. And to this end, diamonds are perfect. Delicate, eternal and exclusive.


Tennis, solitaire, eternity and light points are the patterns of classic and timeless aesthetic standards. Our proposal is not limited to white diamonds, but is enhanced by stones and shapes that intensify the femininity of those who wear them.

An unusual and eccentric touch able to attract every eye without betraying the elegance and refinement that has always distinguished the Pisa Orologeria style. In the Milan boutique there is a hidden, precious world that awaits to be discovered.