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Luxury Watches' Brands

Ambassador of the most prestigious brands, Pisa Orologeria promotes the art and innovations of Luxury Watchmaking with talent and innovative spirit.

Always a reference of excellence, Pisa Orologeria deepens its roots in its far-sighted vision, which has led the family to select the best luxury watch brands. Only the world’s best-known brands of luxury watches are offered in the Milan store, on Via Montenapoleone, with passion and great professionalism, every day like the first, anticipating styles and trends.


Pisa Orologeria offers a range of over 40 brands, the result of a continuous search for high-end pieces, traditional manufactures, independent brands and unique specimens of emerging watchmakers. A talent inherited from the founder, Ugo Pisa, which led to Milan, for its customers, unknown manufacturers and modern watches, even before they became a name of excellence, anticipating styles and fashions of the time.


Luxury watches in Milan


Pisa Orologeria is the luxury watch retailer in Milan’s centre, a store committed to meeting its customers’ needs of elegance and distinction. High performance and sublime precision mechanisms, carefully selected materials and timeless design: luxury watches for sale at Pisa Orologeria are pieces of history, go beyond any fashion and remain in the heart of those who wear them forever, crystallising an emotion. Rolex, Bulgari and Baume & Mercier, as well as Patek Philippe, Cartier and Chopard. Only the best luxury watches in Milan can be found at Pisa Orologeria.


“Each watch is aimed at a different enthusiast: there are those who prefer complications and have a strong passion for watchmaking, those who prefer aesthetics and have a more hedonistic approach, or those who are simply attracted to the brand. Each timepiece not only reflects a way of being and living life, but also conveys a culture and watchmaking knowledge that comes from afar: this is what sets them apart and this is their hidden value”. Chiara Pisa.


In the store, it is possible to discover all the brands that Pisa Orologeria makes available to its customers, alongside a highly specialized staff with a unique after-sales service.


Because when it comes to elegance, nothing can be left to chance.