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The noblest and most prestigious metals are combined with rubber and leather. In a word: Hublot, the watch that revolutionised the concept of time.
Extreme-performance sports watches, for those who don’t want to have boundaries, but are not willing to give up elegance. Only 20 years ago, it seemed impossible to combine different materials and designs. As a true pioneer, the Hublot Geneve Maison dared and pushed the limits, revolutionising a market that until then had been firmly anchored to tradition.

Hublot, the Swiss house of men’s watches, boasts a series of extraordinarily unique collections. The Maison became famous for its watch-porthole of yellow gold and rubber strap. From then on, nothing was as before. Many famous and noble customers wanted this timepiece excellence on their wrist.

Hublot Big Bang: the revolution continues

The mold was broken. But, Hublot continued forward. Over the years, the watchmaking company added most innovative and refined lines to its traditional collections. This is how Hublot Big Bang was born, the watch that to this day makes the difference and fulfils the desire of those who love to be noticed.

Hublot Big Bang stands out for its unusual case made up of different materials. Gold and steel, titanium and carbon, hi-tech ceramic and Kevlar®, sublimated by an imposing lunette enclosed by the Maison’s trademark: the unmistakable six “H-shaped” screws. The strap of this precious watch is made of rubber, but there are also versions with jeans fabric.

Hublot in Milan, at Pisa Orologeria

Pisa Orologeria is the official Hublot dealer in Milan. In its 40 m2, located in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, the Pisa Orologeria flagship store on Via Verri 7, offers a wide range of watches from the Swiss House.

Located on the ground floor, with windows overlooking one of the city’s most prestigious luxury shopping streets, the Hublot boutique of Pisa Orologeria is directly accessible from the main entrance of the historic building. The Hublot store features a new layout concept, with a modern and sophisticated character, dominated by shades of grey and black. A state-of-the-art design that brings to mind the Hublot boutique in New York, created by the famous America architect Peter Marino.

Hublot Watches in Milan: the passion and love that has always inspired the Pisa family will fulfil its customers’ desires of elegance and distinction.


via Verri 7

Milan - Italy


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